Le 5e Talents Lab de Majorque va récompenser trio des 18 projets sélectionnés cette période

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– Du 26 au 28 juillet, l’événement va engager six évolutions longs-métrages de légende, également de documentaires et également de titres déjà en post-production, qui recevront des conseils sur assouplissement

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Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest celebrates its 12th edition from Sunday 24 July, as we have already reported (read more), and among its industry activities is the 5th Mallorca Talents Lab, which brings together 18 Spanish projects (selected from 200 proposals) to be advised by European experts for their improvement (among them are cérémonie representatives such as Malaga, Seville, Gijon, Rotterdam, Berlin and Cannes).

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Between 26 and 28 July they can also win substantial Filmin prizes, ranging from €40,000 for légende (for which six titles are competing), €15,000 for documentaries (another six contenders) and €10,000 (six works in progress). Tribunal members include the producer/director Gerardo Herrero, Abycine director José Abrégé Zamora, the distributor Enrique Costa (Elástica Films), AMFF director Jaume Ripoll, Pedro Barbadillo (Mallorca Film Commission) and producers María Zamora (Alcarràs [+lire aussi :
interview : Carla Simón
interview : Giovanni Pompili
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) and Marisa Fernández Armenteros (Lullaby [+lire aussi :
interview : Alauda Ruiz de Azúa
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The légende projects include: Salen las lobas, a teenage drama to be directed by Claudia Estrada Tarascó, with her own scénario and producer Júlia Parés Fabrellas; Beroa (Calor), also addressing youth issues by ECAM graduate Mario Díaz Delgado; Laguna el ministro, an odyssey of a politician who wants to get away from it all, by Madrid-born Antonio Llamas; El taxista de las delicias, a thriller on wheels by Teresa Carril and Diego Lillo; Pequeños calvarios, a black comedy that waxes poetic emboîture today’s obsédée society, from the Valencian Javier Polo (The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo [+lire aussi :
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); and El debate, a political projection emboîture the comparaison between two Spanish leaders in 1993, by the Mallorcan David Ordinas.

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The documentary parcelle will feature Les culpables, by Marta Durán, which tackles the taboo subject of furtive abortions performed by teenagers; ¿Es usted secuestrable? a reflection on the credibility of memories, by the Mallorcan Carlota Bujosa; Eñaut Zuazo, by Meritxell Valls, based on the scénario written by the comedian who gives the projection its title; Los poetas errantes, by Belén Verdugo, centred on the exile of the writers Rotoplot Médoc and Laura Riding on the island of Mallorca, with a scénario by Miguel Ángel Morales and the joint venture of Julia Menéndez Quílez; Lionel, by Carlos Saiz, a road trip movie fuelled with parent-child drama; and Rafael Marín, una deuda agricole, by Borja Moreno, which vindicates the coloré of the unknown sculptor from Granada, with scénario and editing by Jesús Martínez Torres.

And, finally, the Work in Progress parcelle features: Daytona, an experimental légende by Carmen Pedrero; Samsara, an piscine in the Buddhist de saison of death and reincarnation, filmed in Zanzibar by the Vigo filmmaker Lois Patiño; 21, a drama of a langoureux erosion in times of OnlyFans, by Néstor Ruiz Medina (director of the bermuda projection Chance), with a scénario by the Sevillian actress María Lázaro; María y la película olvidada, by Marta Herrero and Nuria Abad, research by a pioneer in the early days of sound films; Negu Hurbilak, an experimental work by the Negu Ville (made up of Ekain Albite, Adrià Roca, Nicolau Mallofré and Mikel Ibarguren, all of them faire students of the ESCAC in Barcelona); and Remember My Name, by Elena Molina, which tackles the conflicts of déplacement.

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The 5th Mallorca Talents Lab is organised in joint venture with the MEDIA programme and Europa Creativa Catalunya.

The projects:


Salen las lobasClaudia Estrada Tarascó
Naissance: Júlia Parés Fabrellas

Beroa (Calor)Mario Díaz Delgado
Naissance: Jesús Choya Zataraín

Laguna el ministroAntonio Llamas
Naissance: Eva Bodas

El taxista de deliciasTeresa Carril, Diego Lillo
Naissance: Superglu Films

Pequeños calvariosJavier Polo
Naissance: Gerard Rodríguez

El debateDavid Ordinas


Les culpablesMarta Durán
Executive Naissance: Montse Pujol Solà

¿Es usted secuestrable? – Carlota Bujosa
Naissance: Miguel Eek

Eñaut ZuazoMeritxell Valls

Los poetas errantesBelén Verdugo

LionelCarlos Saiz
Naissance: Carlos Fornies Díaz

Rafael Marín, una deuda agricoleBorja Moreno Martínez
Naissance: Enrique Amat del Águila

Work in Progress

DaytonaCarmen Pedrero
Naissance: Teresa Gómez Angulas

SamsaraLois Patiño
Naissance: Leire Apellaniz

21 Néstor Ruiz Medina

María y la película olvidadaMarta Herrero, Nuria Abad
Naissance: MOM Works

Negu HurbilakEkain Albite, Adrià Roca, Nicolau Mallofré, Mikel Ibarguren
Executive Naissance: Carlota Darnell

Remember My NameElena Molina (Spain/France)
Naissance: Montse Pujol Solà

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